The Reason for Apple Acquiring RealFace Artificial Intelligence from Israel

The news of Apple’s iPhone 8 has been leaking here and there. Out of the many rumors, one of them that have been confirmed is that the magnanimous Apple has acquired a start-up called RealFace. RealFace is a start-up operating in Israel that works on the rapidly growing artificial intelligence platform.

The details of the acquisition and the terms that sealed the deal have not been public yet, but sources have revealed that Apple has made a sum of a few millions dollars for the acquisition. This deal was not unexpected and surprising because of the technology and advancements the company is making in this direction.

According to sources, the start-up RealFace had raised a sum of 1 million dollars or more before Apple initiated the deal. In addition to this, the report gave the information that the company, which is based in Cupertino, has acquired 3 other start-ups of Israel since the year 2011.

In their LinkedIn account, RealFace stated that their high-end technology is successful in providing the best security and authentication for all its end users and customers in all the platforms that are available. They have also contributed in the area of IP propriety with face recognition features.

RealFace also boasts of its app called Pickeez, which enables the users to select the best photo from collection on every platform

It has been said that RealFace is in the development phase of a technology that uses facial recognition that will serve as a process for authentication in the upcoming iPhone 8 along with its iterations in the future. Apple may remove the touch ID feature from the iPhone 8 and bring the feature of face recognition in order to increase the display footprint of the handset.

An Apple patent also suggested that the company might incorporate iris scanner and a fingerprint scanner on screen. The feature of an iris scanner was first seen in Galaxy Note 7.

Many people are curious about the introduction of the facial scanner by Apple. The reason for this is that the task of unlocking the phone will become much easier and will be hands-free. This facial scanner would be kind of more secure than the prior modules of authentication like touch ID

The working of the facial scanner has not yet been disclosed, but it is likely to use the camera of the device and use the same technology as Galaxy note 7. However, it will be exciting to see how Apple would incorporate its own elements of innovation to make the feature better and more user-friendly.

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