Lyft Announces Its Huge Midwest Expansion, Launching in 54 cities and Four New States

There is good news for all the residents of the city of Sheboygan in Wisconsin. Lyft, the company known for ride-hailing, is plagued at the moment by a scandal involving sexual harassment. It is planning to open its center in Sheboygan and several other cities, approximately 53 in number. Maximum cities are confined to Midwest. Other cities are present in the southern states as well as the Eastern Coast. Sources have revealed that this is the largest expansion the company has indulged in till now and it is going to bring about 300 cities in the US, which will be availing the services of Lyft.

Lyft announced last month that it will launch in 100 other markets in the year 2017. With the launch today, the expansion count has reached 94 cities. This indicates that according to their target they have to cover only 6 cities within a time period of 10 months.

Early Stage Market Expansion Head, Jaime Raczka said that he is extremely happy with the progress the company has made and they will continue to work this momentum rapidly and strive to bring more affordable rides in several cities.

In spite of this development, Lyft has to cope up with Uber, which has a network in 560 cities across the world. At the moment, it is operating only in the United States; however, their future plans show that they will be expanding their business to other countries also.

With the continuous progress of Lyft, it is also standing profit from the negative publicity by the tailspin of Uber. Allegations made by an ex-engineer about rampant sexism and toxic work culture have fired a lot of chaos in the ride-hailing company. Because of all this, there are many customers who are deleting their respective accounts to carry out protests.

The executives of the company have vowed to carry out a fast investigation. This news was cited after weeks on the experience of Uber, which had been the most important backlash. This was the activity when the company gave a response that was bungled to the immigration ban imposed by president Trump. Moreover, Travis Kalanick, the CEO also said that he has decided to advise the President on matters of economy; however, later he denied this statement.

Some of the cities where Lyft plans to begin their operations are Lakeland, Pensacola, Springfield, Ocala, Fort Myers , Terre Haute, Worcester, Fredericksburg, Amherst, Pittsfield, Amarillo, Fargo, Bismarck, Cedar Rapids, Ames, Kalamazoo, Grand Forks, , Davenport, Sioux City, Waterloo, Jackson, Carbondale, Rochester, Decatur, Eau Claire Kankakee, Fond du Lac Evansville, Gary, Midland, Saginaw, Muncie, Manhattan, St. Cloud,  Topeka, Flint, Youngstown, and Mankato.


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