An Anonymous Essay Has Alleged Charges against Uber Regarding Systemic Harassment

Uber has been facing challenges again because of the sexual harassment claims. These claims have been made by the employees of Uber. These allegations stepped in after a medium essay by an anonymous source gave details about the work culture in Uber.

The essay depicted that the environment and work culture is extremely toxic for all the women. This kind of negative environment is not only present at the lowermost level of command, but also in the higher chain of authority and command. This post was published under a pseudonym Amy Vertino, last Thursday.

The post largely shed light upon the culture of the office and the way the operations and functions are generally executed. The post described that most of the staff at Uber comprises of male people who are always very dominating and aggressive.

According to the post, the male staff was openly hostile towards the female employees in the office on a regular basis and often offended them. The hostility from the male people towards the female employees include multiple instances in the form of verbal abuse and condescending belittlement to the blackmailing done on the basis of job. All these measures have been observed as an extensive form of sexual harassment.

The author of the post has identified herself as a former employee at the headquarters of Uber in San Francisco and she said that she has been a survivor of the oppression at Uber. In her essay, she added that the manager used to coach her suggestively on her physical appearance. His remarks included the frequent usage of striking racial slurs and his disparagement of the ethics revolving the business. Most of the male employees had a habit to create narratives that were sexually explicit about their female superiors as well as peers in group chats online.

The anonymous essay also described that the management operates under utter chaos. The employees exercise very little or almost no control over the projects assigned to them and also towards the treatment meted out to them by the supervisors. The author also stated that there were unreasonable deadlines to complete the given tasks and the employees were expected to meet them at any cost.

She said that Travis Kalanick, who is the CEO, shields all the leaders who show high performance and allows them to indulge in abusing activities towards their peers. The HR team used to complain against the abuse towards women, but the team members feared Travis as he always has the tendency to either yell at the HR team members or ridicule and blame the female staff.

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