Wendy’s Has Planned for Self-Ordering Kiosks at 1,000 Locations

One of the most popular fast food chains operating in America, Wendy’s has announced that it has come up with a new plan to expand its business strategies further. The fast food chain, Wendy’s said that it has planned to come up with installations of self-ordering kiosks. Such kiosks are said to be installed at nearly 1,000 locations by the time this year comes to an end.

Columbus Dispatch has revealed that a typical location would comprise of three kiosks. The restaurants that will possess a higher volume will be given the most priority for these self-ordering kiosks.

David Trimm, the Chief Information Officer at Wendy’s said that the self-ordering kiosks have been introduced with the intention of appealing significantly to the younger customers. In addition to this, with the help of these installations, Wendy’s is trying to bring down its labor costs. These kiosks will allow all customers of Wendy’s, which is the giant of fast food to circumvent long queues during the peak hours of dining. Moreover, the kiosks will also assist in increasing the overall production of the kitchen.

David Trim has announced that he predicts that the company will be seeing a return on its net investment very soon, most probably in a time span less than 2 years.

The Vice President of the consulting firm and food research company, Technomic, Darren Tristano has made a statement about Wendy’s saying that they are putting in efforts to improve their automation and bring about a change in their labor costs. He also said that Wendy’s is making a commendable effort to upgrade its experience with the customers. According to Darren Tristano, the idea of the self-ordering kiosks will benefit Wendy’s in their objectives as most young customers tend to prefer kiosks.

Another company that has its basis in Ohio by the name of Dublin also values the kiosks a lot. According to them, the kiosks are very efficient and they help to provide the company with essential and required data regarding their customers.

Darren Tristano also said that this initiative and move has put the giant, Wendy’s at the forefront position in the movement revolving around both the technology and the kiosks.

Most of the locations in Central Ohio have been installed with the kiosks. This was the first place where Wendy’s actually carried out the first demonstration and test of this technology. For now, the customers who are not yet comfortable with the technology can continue their orders at the counter. Despite all these transformations, Tristano also predicts that in the times to come mobile ordering and mode of payment through smartphones will overtake both the cash registers as well as self-ordering kiosks.

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