American Express Escalates High-Fee Card Competition

American Express Co, with other offers, will begin with providing the US $200 per year on Uber rides for its Platinum cardholders to fight and protect their high-end market from JP Morgan Chase & Co and Citigroup Inc.

The perks will include richer credits for spending, unique dining, access to more airport lounges and unrestricted use by family members of the Gold card holder, as reported by Janey Whiteside, General Manager of Global Charge Products, Benefits & Services for American Express.

The changes will commence from March 30, 2017, which will likewise raise the yearly record expense for cardholders to US$550 from US$450.

Companies are trying to decrease the profit margin of American Express, majorly done by JP Morgan Chase & Co and Citigroup Inc since they have their set of offers to their prestige card owners. Favor investigation will be done in card businesses over capital markets because financial crisis resulted in the banks acting again on their banking regulation.

In August, the bank began making cards out of metal to give them a vibrant vibe. JPMorgan created a buzz with the top-of-the-line card promotion when it displayed its $450-per-year Chase Sapphire Reserve card with a hidden joint compensate worth as much as $1,500, adding $300 in yearly travel credits and high credits for spending.

Metal is being used since 1999 by American Express for its Centurian card, which brings an annual expense of US$2,500 on top of a starting charge of US$7,500, which will be followed now for Platinum cards too.

Benefits within the United States will include the usage of $200 for Uber rides with their previous benefit of $200 in airline fee of annual credits. and, which think about card expenses and advantages from a customer’s perspective, have been on thriving period as it is increasing their competition in the market.

Whiteside in an interview added, “The work for change in a Platinum card by American Express was already started even before JP Morgan drew out its Sapphire Reserve card.”

Customers have always been sharing the feedback over what best could be done in changing the processor for the betterment of the process. Considering this, she said, “American Express is always looking for strategy through which they can provide value to their cardholders.”

With their introduction of Gold Card, American Express caught a hold in the market for the premium sector.

By clearly defining the financial market, American Express brought Platinum card considering different market segment within their own business. The Platinum Card was charged as super-elite and had a $250 yearly expense (it is presently $450).


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