T-Mobile Wishes to Merge with Cable Company Rather Than Telecom

At the investor conference of Deutsche Bank, the CFO of T-Mobile, Braxton Carter said that the company is hoping to merge with a company operating in cables as compared to any other wireless carrier as the cable company will give them more opportunities to grow. There have been rumors in the market citing that T-Mobile might be forming collaboration with the company, Sprint. But sources have revealed that T-Mobile has expressed its desire to form a tie-up that is like a merger that took place between DirecTV and AT&T.

The telecommunication companies in the industry are extremely joyful, elated, and happy as the administration of the President of United States – Donald Trump has been providing a cheerful disposition and a favorable environment for the companies to carry out various acquisitions and mergers.

This is a significant transformation from the administration under the former president, Barack Obama who had imposed stricter and more stringent rules for the mergers of telecom companies to take place. This has happened after 8 long years.

Carter said that on Monday, at the investor conference of UCB, the CFO of T-Mobile, Braxton Carter said that the telecom company is hoping for a more considerable openness to carry out the consolidation. He also added that the company is experiencing an exponential growth and many new schemes and plans will be launched and introduced in the upcoming years in the future.

T-Mobile has witnessed remarkable growth as compared to the previous years. The carrier has come up with strategies that have enlarged its base for several subscribers and has been carrying out operations similar to the machine generating cash. All these changes have been carried out very effectively over the past 3 years.

Some of the juggernaut cable companies like Charter Communications and Comcast have declared that they will be spreading their business domains in the wireless industries market also. Even the multi-faceted Google has come up with their Project Fi, which is their own wireless service that is likely to expand by leaps and bounds.

But whether these big mergers are going to benefit or harm the consumers is yet to be decided. When the merger between the AT&T and T-Mobile failed, the carrier company had to forcefully slash its prices and terminate all the services that were deemed as unfriendly for the consumers. One such practice included the contracts that lasted for 2 years.

In addition to this, the telecom industry companies feel that even if the mergers between big top-notch companies do not take place, the Trump administration will be rolling back the rules pertaining to the neutrality of the net and thus will prevent any discrimination against the services available online as well as websites.

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