Mobile Order and Pay App for McDonald’s Is Finally Here!

2017 is the new age of technology it seems, as many new innovations that could potentially change the world are coming in front of us. Almost all of us are embracing the digital life we are heading towards. We, the clients, are not alone. Giant firms from their respective area also add up a helping hand to us by offering such digital services.

Recently, the public favourite food chain giant McDonald’s announced that they are also going to join the digital league very soon and they are almost ready to start providing these services, which will enable the user to order and pay for their food from a smartphone application “Order-and-Pay”. The app will be launched in a few countries to test its beta version in the beginning before launching it for the rest of the world by next year. These are some of the countries lucky enough for this chance – United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Australia.

The McDonald’s App has some very interesting and unique features, which include giving complete freedom to the user to decide whether they would like to collect their order from counter in the store front or take it from drive through. This version of the app is an upgrade of its previous limited-edition counterpart, which was launched a couple of years ago in around 21 areas in Georgia and Columbus.

Customers can also choose which McDonald’s they would like to get their order from. Also, the app would also know if a customer is approaching its location through GPS (Global Positioning System) even if the customer did not specify any McDonald’s location.

Reportedly, McDonald’s suffered a huge loss of about five hundred million in the past five years because of the lack of options they provided to the users unlike their competitors (Domino’s, KFC, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Chick-Fil-A), who got great increase in their sale due to smartphone applications they offered.

McDonald’s also announced that they are planning to work with delivery services too. They even have started its testing phase in Florida with a delivery company named UberEats. This is just a testing phase launched by the company before starting delivery services throughout the country.

Well, it seems McDonald’s is trying its best to stay in the market among its humongous competitions. Though they realized it late that they have to upgrade according to the trends of the market and requirements of the public, we are glad that they finally did it and will most probably not incur any more losses.

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