Elon Musk Reveals another Ambitious Plan with Neuralink after Tesla and SpaceX

Elon Musk is a person who dreams differently and then works passionately to make it happen. Musk who made his first fortune as a co-founder of PayPal is currently working on three different companies and all of them have very ambitious goals. These three are Tesla, SpaceX, and the most ambitious of all a human-computer brain interface company called Neuralink. It is Musk’s latest venture where he wants to prepare the humans for the rise of artificial intelligence. He plans to achieve it by helping them merge with computers by creating higher bandwidth connections between the human brains and computers.

The CEO of two companies has confirmed that he will occupy the CEO role on this venture of his too, making him CEO of three separate companies working on three entirely different projects. As of now, what he is trying to achieve through his latest acquired venture seems to be a total science fiction, a step ahead from his SpaceX, which is all about making humans an intergalactic colonial species.

Little is known about this start-up, which gained the attention of Musk. It has engineered a technology called “neural lace” that allow humans to communicate with technology seamlessly without requiring any actual physical interface.

If successful, this will be seen as big communication leap since the time humans actually developed language to convey their thoughts effectively and efficiently. With this technology in place, this efficiency that humans now have will be magnified multiple times.

If Musk’s vision is realised, then the communication between person-to-person will happen uncompressed. Currently, the first person compresses the original idea by translating it into language and then the other person decompresses the linguistic package he sends to understand it.

Musk feels it is a lousy process and needs to be eliminated if humans need to keep pace with the advances that are made in the artificial intelligence. Neuralink will help in integrating AI with human consciousness. It will be like connecting to a very high bandwidth directly into the brain enabling us integrating to the cloud-based AI computing as a single entity.

Right now, it looks all fictional, but Musk feels that merging man and machine is basically a merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence. The technology is still some 10 years away when it can actually be tried on someone.

Musk is known for tapping into technologies that have been worked by various researchers, but in his unique and business-savvy way.

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