Bloomberg All Candid about President Trump and Climate Talks

Everyone is familiar with the name Bloomberg as there is a radio network, a magazine, a cable channel and a news service. But, not all are aware of the fact that Bloomberg L.P. is not a corporation, but a limited partnership where 85% belongs to Mike Bloomberg making him the 8th richest man in the world.

This former mayor of New York, the founder of Bloomberg Financial Media Empire is full of energy and zeal at the age of 75. Having accumulated $47 billion dollars of wealth in all these years, he plans to donate away most of it. This straightforward person who is always beaming with liveliness and enthusiasm knows that since no one can take the wealth along with him when he or she leaves the world, it should be put to proper use so as to accomplish something for the society as a whole.

Mike, as he likes to be addressed as, has no plans of retiring as he is enjoying his work. He considered contesting for the Presidential election after completing three successful stints as the New York City’s mayor, but now has no such plans. His book titled “Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet” that is co-authored by Carl Pope, his former Sierra Club executive director was released last week.

Talking about his book, he said that it has no political motives whatsoever. It serves one specific objective, which is to help save an international agreement done to reduce global carbon emissions in Paris. President Donald Trump has varied views on climate change and his statements have often reflected it. His government is contemplating about abandoning the pact made in Paris under which the US has pledged that it will reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions by 1.6 billion tons by the year 2025, which will be the reduction of 26 -28% below 2005 levels.

Bloomberg said, “Washington won’t determine the fate of our ability to meet our Paris commitment. And what a tragedy it would be if the failure to understand that led to an unravelling of the agreement. We hope this book will help to correct that wrong impression — and help save the Paris deal.”

Though Trump had promised during his election campaigns that he will abandon the Paris climate pact, Bloomberg believes that the market forces and the leadership at the state level have already initiated the process of realising its emissions reduction goal. The country will march forward on its goal irrespective of Trump deciding to pull out of the Paris Agreement or not.

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